Our Pedestrian Accident Blog

Our attorneys share their knowledge and insight into pedestrian accidents in Pittsburgh in these helpful blog posts. Learn tips for staying safe and pursuing a claim, and find out who might be liable for your injuries when you are hit by a car.
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  • Pedestrian Accident Statistics Pedestrian accidents are on the rise, both in Pennsylvania and across the country. Review the latest startling statistics for this fast-growing problem.
  • School Zone Accidents Pedestrian accidents are a frequent occurrence. When they happen in school zones, the subsequent personal injury case can become even more complex.
  • Preventing Nighttime Pedestrian Accidents Pedestrian accidents are on the rise, particularly those that happen during the night. Learn the dangers and how to prevent these potentially deadly crashes.
  • Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries Fatal pedestrian accidents are on the rise. Victims fortunate enough to live through a pedestrian accident still may have significant injuries. Learn more here.
  • Mistakes Not to Make in a Pedestrian Accident Case Pedestrians injured in a pedestrian accident make mistakes that hurt their claims for compensation. Here, we share tips on errors you want to avoid making.