Can I recover damages if I was partly to blame for a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania?

motorcycle_on_roadA motorcycle accident can turn a rider's life upside down, leaving him or her with serious injuries and an outrageous amount of unexpected medical debt. Pennsylvania tort law allows motorcyclists hurt in accidents caused by another person or entity's negligence to pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Many injured motorcyclists may be hesitant to take legal action, particularly if they're concerned they might be partially at fault for the crash and their injuries.

Fortunately, when it comes to personal injury cases, Pennsylvania follows modified comparative fault rules. This means motorcycle accident victims may still be eligible to collect damages, even if they were partially at fault. Still, in order to collect compensation, the biker must be less responsible for the accident than the other involved party.

Comparative negligence laws can potentially reduce an injured motorcyclist's settlement—or even bar them from collecting compensation if they're more than 51 percent responsible. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can help motorcycle accident victims find and gather information they need to build a strong case for their claim and the other party's liability.

If You Were Hurt In a Motorcycle Accident, We Can Help

Motorcycle accidents are rarely the fault of one single person. It's possible for both a motorist and a rider to be responsible for an accident to varying degrees. Those degrees determine whether the rider is likely entitled to compensation. Thanks to Pennsylvania's comparative negligence rules, cyclists may still be able to collect compensation for accident-related medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and damages—if they were less at fault for the accident than the involved motorist.

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