Do I need an attorney for my motorcycle crash claim?

After your motorcycle crash, you were probably contacted by the other driver’s insurance company and offered a quick settlement. You may be wondering if you should accept the cash or talk to someone about it first, but you’ve never been in an accident and would not even know who to talk to. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to consult a motorcycle accident attorney.

Why You Need an Attorney

For car accidents, we may tell you that there are some situations where you could probably handle the claim without the help of a lawyer. If there is little damage, you are not injured, and the other driver admits fault, you probably do not need legal representation. However, if you were riding a motorcycle at the time of the crash, you are almost always better off working with an attorney. Motorcycle accident cases often involve the following complicating factors, and an experienced attorney can offer invaluable help:

  • Severe injuries. Because a motorcyclist is only protected by what he wears on his body, his injuries can be catastrophic when he is run off the road or hit by a car. A biker can suffer traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, or limb amputations. Having an attorney speak for him allows the motorcyclist to focus on his prognosis and recovery.
  • High medical costs. Catastrophic injuries come with astronomical medical bills. The cost of emergency treatment, medical testing, consultations with specialists, and multiple surgeries can exceed a million dollars. Factor in ongoing therapies and possible life-long care, and you will need an advocate arguing for maximum damages.
  • Bias towards bikers. Drivers, insurance adjusters, law enforcement officers, and even judges can carry a bias towards motorcyclists that can affect the outcome of an injury claim. A motorcycle accident attorney is experienced in countering this bias and arguing for the settlement you deserve.
  • Pennsylvania helmet law. In Pennsylvania, you have the right not to wear a helmet if you are over the age of 21 and have taken a motorcycle safety course. If you exercise this right and are injured by a negligent driver, the lawyer for the at-fault driver may argue that you chose to endanger your own life. You will need an attorney defending your right and placing blame where it belongs—with the negligent driver.

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