If I violated a traffic regulation and was partially at fault for my bicycle accident, can I still recover damages?

bike_and_carPennsylvania law requires bicycles and motor vehicles to share the road safely. Unfortunately, that isn't always the reality. In 2017 alone, bicycle accidents resulted in 1,127 injuries and 21 bicyclist fatalities, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

It's no secret that, in accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles, it's the bicyclist who often bears the brunt of the injuries. Individuals fortunate enough to survive the collision may be seriously injured and require significant medical care.

Although that care may be covered by the bicyclist's own auto or health insurance policies, these policies usually don't address other losses incurred in an accident. These additional losses may include:

  • Wages the bicyclist lost while out of work healing
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional anguish
  • Loss of earning potential if injuries permanently prevent future employment

Bicycle accident victims often pursue personal injury lawsuits in an effort to recover damages from the driver who caused the crash. However, this process becomes more complicated in cases where the victim was partially responsible for the accident and their injuries. Still, it's important to note that violating a traffic regulation doesn't necessarily prevent victims from collecting damages.

Pennsylvania is a comparative negligence state, which means that personal injury victims can usually recover damages—even if they were partially responsible for the accident—as long as they aren't more at fault than the other party.

Were You Involved in a Serious Bicycle Accident?

If you were severely injured in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation even if you were partially responsible for the accident.

Don't let concerns about partial fault stop you from fighting for the damages you need and deserve. Contact the knowledgeable bicycle accident attorneys with the Accident and Injury Law Group today to schedule an appointment for a free initial case consultation.


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