Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Fight for the Rights of Injured Riders

You choose to ride a motorcycle because you love the feeling of freedom you get as you cruise down the highway or zip around Pittsburgh. However, the day a careless driver pulled out in front of you changed everything. You could not possibly stop in time, nor could you maneuver around her, so you crashed right into the side of her car and suffered serious injuries. What should you do now? Because motorcyclists face certain challenges when seeking compensation for injuries, we recommend hiring a law firm with motorcycle experience to represent you. The Accident & Injury Law Group is just such a firm. Their attorneys will help you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

How Are Motorcycle Claims Different?

You might think all crashes are alike from a legal standpoint, but motorcycle crashes caused by negligent drivers present some special legal challenges. If you try to go it alone with an insurance adjuster after an accident, you may end up trying to defend yourself when you have done nothing wrong. Some ways motorcycle claims differ from other types of accidents include the following:

  • Bias against bikers. If you ride, you probably already know that many people stereotype bikers as gang members, risk takers, and even criminals. This bias works against bikers, even when they are the innocent victim of a careless or negligent driver. Police officers, insurance adjusters, and judges are often more willing to pass blame on to the biker when an accident happens, even if the rider played no part. An experienced attorney will anticipate this discrimination and fight to defend his client.
  • More severe injuries. A motorcycle rider does not have much protection when he hits a car or the pavement and the result can be catastrophic injuries, including paralysis, traumatic brain injury, loss of limb, and more. These kinds of injuries require special consideration when seeking financial compensation, and a motorcycle accident attorney will know how to negotiate for these.
  • Insufficient insurance. If the driver who caused the crash is only carrying the state minimum insurance, as many people do, it will likely not be enough money to compensate a seriously injured biker. An attorney will know where to look for additional compensation, including the at-fault driver’s personal assets and potential third-party sources. 
  • Lack of understanding about motorcycles. Even those who do not have a negative view of motorcyclists often fail to understand how motorcycles work, and how careless drivers can put them at risk. For example, a motorcyclist may choose to “lay down” his bike rather than colliding with a car that has cut him off, but this does not mean he is responsible for the crash.
  • Misunderstanding of helmet law. In Pennsylvania, any rider over the age of 21 who has at least two years of riding experience or has taken a certified riding course, may choose not to wear a helmet. This is a right allowed by law and should not be used against the biker in arguments over responsibility. Even a biker who chooses not to wear a helmet is entitled to a safe riding environment. A motorcycle accident attorney has the experience to deal with the helmet issue head-on.

You may think your motorcycle crash case is cut and dried—you were obeying all traffic laws when another driver cut you off or ran you off the road. However, you will face challenges that drivers of cars and trucks do not face. Make sure you have experienced motorcycle accident attorneys by your side.

Call Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys When You Are in a Crash

motorcycle accident attorneysAfter seeking the emergency medical treatment you need following a serious motorcycle crash, your next step should be to contact our motorcycle accident attorneys. We will defend your right to fair compensation and fight the unfair treatment you might receive. While you work to recover from your injuries, we will work with law enforcement, insurance adjusters, accident experts, medical experts, and more, to ensure you get what you deserve.‚Äč


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